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9 Things Women Should Avoid on A Date

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Need some dating advice? It never hurts to get advice about love life every once in a while right?! I did a little survey and asked men what they believe women should avoid on a date. There are thousands more pieces of dating advice out there, but these are some fun ones to keep in mind if you're a lady reading this or if you want your lady to know this. So, here are the top answers from a male's perspective on things women should avoid on a date.

1. Don’t wear super revealing clothing or over-dress

I know you want to show off some skin and your beautiful curves, but you also don’t want him making more eye contact with your curves than your eyes. Especially if it’s the first date!

2. Don’t wear too much make-up

Guys don’t like it when girls cake up their face with tons of make-up because it can be deceiving. Try to wear light make-up to look more like your natural self.

3. Don’t expect him to plan and pay for everything

This is a date for the BOTH of you. Therefore, you should feel free to contribute ideas of when and where the date should take place. Remember, dates don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable so focus on having a great time with each other rather than how much money he will spend on you.

4. Engage in the conversation

We all get nervous going on a date sometimes but saying very little words in a conversation can make things awkward. Give full answers and don’t be afraid to ask questions that will spice up the conversation to come to agreements and understanding of each other.

5. Don’t vent or drag him into your problems

You will ruin the whole mood of the date by bringing up negative topics and problems in your life. The date is for you two to spend quality time with each other so have positive conversations to create positive energy. Don’t be a girl full of problems.

6. Your ex is not important

At all. Enjoy each other’s company without bringing up past relationships.

7. Leave your technology alone

I know we’re in the days of new technology, but we all know it can be distracting, especially on a date! The date should solely be about you and your partner, so focus on each other to learn new things about one another to develop a closer relationship. Constantly checking your phone is rude and causes a lack of connection between you and him.

8. Don’t be late

It’s a bad impression for a planned date. If you know you’ve got somewhere to be, you should prepare everything you need early so you’re not in a rush. Showing up late can also give off the impression that you’re not that interested and you value your time more than theirs.

9. Don’t be someone else

Don’t try too hard to flirt and definitely don’t lie about yourself to sound more interesting. If the relationship starts off with lies, then it will be filled with lies, and they will all be revealed over time. Just relax and be yourself.

Not seeing something on this list? Add it to the comments! The more advice, the better. Also check out my article "6 Things Men Should Avoid on A Date".

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