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14 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan Starter Kit

  • 14Days


This sample two week meal plan is designed to: -help you develop healthier eating habits -help meat eaters ease into the process of committing to a no meat diet -eat on a consistent food schedule for improved digestion, energy levels, and overall health (light break-fast, large day meal, and a light end of day meal) This nutrition program includes: -Weekly Menus -Organized Food Schedule -Weekly Grocery Lists -Meal Prep & Cooking Instructions The food schedule is based on the dietary timetable, which is a method practiced in relation to the potency of the sun. At sunrise, the sun's energy is light and therefore our "break-fast" should be light. At the sun apex (midday), the sun's energy is at its strongest, therefore our day meal is our heaviest meal. At sunset, the sun's energy is light again, and therefore our last meal of the day is light once again. Make a commitment to put your health first. Use these two weeks to surround yourself with healthy foods; allowing your mind and body to cleanse, restore, and rejuvenate.




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