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The Love Wellness Club strives to build a health conscious mindset in African American families.  We focus on providing holistic solutions to help overcome health matters related to:

being overweight, addictions, malnutrition, depression, stress, anxiety, and lack of spiritual direction.

Eat Good. Feel Good.

Eat Good. Feel Good.

Access holistic nutrition programs.

Personal & Online Training

Personal & Online Training

My fitness coaching is result-driven and motivational.

Healthy lifestyle habits

Healthy lifestyle habits

Join a community that makes your health a priority.

Plant-based supplements

Plant-based supplements

Detox, repair, and nourish your body with healing remedies.

Lesley Love is a passionate Holistic Health & Fitness Coach who is driven to help people heal holistically.  In her wellness club, she provides members with personal and online fitness training, plant-based nutrition programs, and holistic lifestyle coaching.  


"I had to awaken to the power my Creator gave me to heal myself.


My heart, my mind, and my spirit was in pain from childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships, and the psychological warfare against the African American race.

Over time, the pain became baggage in my life.  Fear, anxiety, insecurities, heartbreak... I was in need of healing and clarity.


In 2017,  I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian.  By 2020, I stopped eating dairy and  have been on a complete plant-based diet ever since.  It was during this transformational time that I discovered how much our diet truly effects our thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.  I experienced an increase in discipline, awareness, and clarity.  Physically, I felt lighter and even lost some weight.  I didn't lose much (no more than five pounds) because I was already fit.  I grew up an athlete, so after high school sports I became my own fitness coach to maintain an active lifestyle.


We tend to eat food for taste and comfort, not for medicine.


The American diet is packed with sugars, flesh, salts, dairy, and fats; causing a war inside our minds and bodies.  These addictive, mucus-forming, colon clogging, poisonous foods has put our spiritual, mental and physical states of being at dis-ease.  Obesity, diabetes, colon cancer, lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, tooth decay, depression...just to name a few.

We were not created with these diseases.  They were developed through the poor diet and lack of exercise, and the same eating habits have been passed down for generations, keeping the curse unbroken.  


The Love Wellness Club was created with a passion for health and fitness and a mission to bring holistic healing and transformation to African American families.


This program welcomes people who want to break generational curses within their bloodline, overcome unhealthy eating habits, pursue a weight loss journey, overcome negative thought patterns, heal from unhealthy relationships, and seek to connect more with the Creator.

My self-healing journey has lead me to experience Heaven within my mind, body, and spirit."

- Lesley Love

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