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Plant Based Cleanse & Repair Supplements

Great for mental, physical, and spiritual cleansing, achieving emotional balance, body nourishment, improving energy levels, and achieving healthier eating habits.

Berry Banana Blend
Celery & Apple Juice w_Repair & Nourish
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June 7 Blend

Lesley Love created her formulas with purpose and passion to treat our body with holistic care. 


Her Cleansing Aid formula cleanses the colon and blood of waste, toxins and addictions. 


Her Repair & Nourish formula is a plant-based superfood that nourishes the cells and restores the body to a state of optimal health and longevity.

Receive a FREE copy of "A Guide To Liquid Detoxing" e-booklet with your order of one or more formulas!

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Transform your


"The Love Wellness Club was created with a passion for health and fitness and a mission to bring holistic healing and a health transformation to African American families."

-Lesley Love



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